Q & A

~What should I expect after I book my session?


       After your session is booked and deposit is received I will send your Welcome packet! This has tons of useful information for you and your family.  It will help you pick your perfect location down to helping you get the kids ready and not be stressed out!  After you peruse your happy mail, I will normally email you 1 week before your session to talk about any questions or concerns you may still have about your upcoming session.   After the this email it is completely up to you on how we communicate.  We can email, text, message, talk on the phone or even have a coffee date or 3!   I want this to be an easy and happy experience for you.  

 ~ When will my session take place?


     I try to arrange all outdoor portrait and family sessions as close to the 'Golden Hour' as schedules allow.   This time frame is usually within 1.5 hours before sunset or (if you're brave) after sunrise.  

~ What travel area is included when I book my session?

      Any area within Waukesha or Milwaukee counties.  Outside this area?  Let's talk and make it work!

~Is tax included in the price?


      Unfortunately, no.  Wisconsin sales tax must be added on at 5.1% on all transactions.

~How will I receive my photographs?

      All photos have online password protected digital gallery to preview all photos.  

~I would love to order prints, do you do that?

Yes!  I work with a professional printer and would love to help you choose your prints.  I can order, vet and gift box everything for you also.

~My family will need a bit of help in the styling department, do you have any resources that could help?

My welcome packet has loads of information that will help any family or individual look like they are a professional model!  Need a bit more TLC? Just reach out, I would love to help you look your best. 

~I love the entire gallery and want all of my digitals!  How much are additional digitals with print release?  

Digitals are priced on a sliding scale based on the size of the gallery.  Individual digitals are $20 a piece and include print release. 

~What if I have more questions? 

     I am here to answer your questions!  Day or night!


Photographer/Waukesha, WI


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