Welcome 2022!-And scroll to the bottom for a video of my Favorite photos from 2021!

With that being said, I have to be honest and say that the first welcome I wrote above did say, "Welcome 2021! Ha! Don't worry, by the time I really get into writing the new date we will be switching to 2023 and then I will be in the same boat all over again! Who's with me?

I'm so excited about 2022 and I know a lot of friends and family feel the exact same way! If you're like me, 2021 passed in a weird haze of the big C, trying to get on with life as well as still being scared to walk out the door. As Christmas neared our beautiful city had so much heartbreak with the tragedy that was inflicted on our down town by a mad man. My family and I have now been trying to figure out a path to live with joy in our hearts but healing takes time, as I have to remind myself daily. Everyday that I wake up now- I want to embrace it. Life is so short and with our girls still being little-I have to remind myself that the days always feel long but the years are SO very short. So embrace this new year and here's to 2022 with love and gratitude that we can start fresh!

As some of you already know my family loves to get out into wilds and do a bit of camping! 2021 brought us a "new to us," pop up camper that we fully and completely ADORE! No more tent sleeping for the hubby and I must say I enjoy the heat that we can just switch on when the temperature dips! We already have numerous trips planned and booked for the summer and can't wait to get out there and enjoy the nature that God has blessed up with!

We are also looking forward to a bit of traveling with friends this summer and can't wait to have a fun getaway on the east coast. I'm looking forward to sitting on the beach making sand castles and body surfing with family and having that occasional margarita! I absolutely love the beach! I have been to numerous beaches in Wisconsin that are SUPER awesome (Kohler-Andre, Bradford, etc. )but there is something about the ocean that I am absolutely in love with! I hope that you have started planning a getaway with yourself-friends or family, something about getting away from the daily grind just makes the sun shine brighter!

We are also planning on doing a few more projects around the house. When we bought our new house almost 2 years ago we knew that we would be doing a bit of work on it but I must say that in my heart I am already done with all these projects. Ugh! I have renovated a building into a photography studio (drywall, painting, flooring, decorating ) we have added a bathroom and renovated an existing bathroom in our house. We repainted all the kitchen cabinets-replaced all the counter tops and the list goes on and on. Did I mention it's still not done? On the list this summer, we are replacing all the carpeting and refinishing the hardwood floors and that is just the easy stuff! Are you getting ready for any remodeling projects? Maybe some type of landscaping? I love DIY, but sometimes I just want to pay someone else to do it. Then my farm girl/frugal mom voice steps in and says, "you know you can just do this yourself!" Lord help me!

On the photography front, I am really looking forward to working on a private project this year as well as capturing all the families and seniors that I am SO excited to book! I am doing a 52 week photo challenge that will give me a theme each week. I've been wanting to do one of these challenges for a few years and I am pushing forward this year! No time like the present, and as I tend to be a procrastinator, I sometimes need the push that the new year will give me. I willing be sharing these at the end of each month so look for an email with a link as I push myself to share!

Are you doing any challenges this year? They always say, New year-New you! To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about that saying. I like the old me to and I'm sure you feel the same way about yourself. Maybe we could say-New year, new challenge, or something equally as corny!

Well, let's welcome the new year and as we do it, let's thank God for the past year that has helped us grow and become the people we are today! I know that I would not have made it this far without my family, friends and amazing clients that have helped me create a thriving business! So thank you and enjoy my little movie below! I have shared just a few of my favorite images from 2021.

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