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Summer - Family Photography - Retzner Nature Center - Waukesha County - Lake Country -Wisconsin

Imagine it! Warm weather, sunglasses, pool and a cold beverage in hand. Are you there? Can you take me with you? Please? Pretty please? O.k. well I tried, right? How about instead I take you to last summer and a happy little family photo session at Retzner Nature Center in Waukesha?

Aren't they just adorable? I know this sweet lady from church and when she reached out to me about family lifestyle session, I may have been just a bit excited!

She and her hubby have 3 little boys who are just the sweetest!

The date was set! The weather looked great! husband had to rush me to the hospital. Yep, life happened. I really believed I had gallstones, kidney stones, some type of stones...

Yeah, no. It was musculoskeletal? They put me on some muscle relaxers and told me to stop lifting heavy things for a while. (We had just moved and got a 30 pound puppy?) If anything makes one feel like a baby and costs $1500, this was it right there. Thank goodness my clients are understanding. She even asked if they could pray for us. Bless their hearts.

Well, after all was said and done we rescheduled. A few times. Sometimes life gets in the way again and again but I'm definitely a person who likes to make it work. So we finally got together on a Saturday morning right before it became awfully hot and sticky.

Look at these smiles! I truly do like to take sweet family photos that just encompass where a family is at that moment in time. This family right here was busy. Very busy! I remember those days with my daughters and I must confess, I miss them a little.

We got some super sweet photos of their little boys in first.

Then, I love to make sure that Mommy and Daddy get some special time in front of the camera too!

After that it was lots of candids and playtime! Daddy may have even caught a few frogs for the boys to play with! It was so fun!

I hope that you have enjoyed this bit of summertime. I'm looking forward to Summer 2021! I hope you are too!

Now get out their and let someone know you love them. Someone needs it!

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