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Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Here I am, once again catching up on posts that should have been done and shared last year. Goodness does time fly! This beautiful Senior and her mom reached out to me last summer about Senior Photography. After emailing and talking a bit through FaceTime we decided on a location, time and date and the session could not have been more perfect!

I mean, come on! Look at those eyes! This young lady is definitely a stunner! She is also an incredible athlete (Tennis!) and an amazing student. Arrowhead High School is lucky to count her as a student.

Lexi and her mom Missy were such a pleasure to work with! Did I mention that Lexi's aunt came with too! I may have gotten them in the sweet little family photo below. I love being able to get that extra special photo that wasn't expected but always seems to be cherished at my Senior photography sessions.

Aren't the three of them just adorable? Cushing Park in Delafield is one of my go to parks to photograph in. I even take my daughters there for impromptu photo sessions where we can relax and play. The photos never disappoint!

This park has so many features that make it such a beautiful place in Waukesha County to take photographs. It also helps to have models that are up for anything!

Lexi was definitely one of my Seniors that was happy to throw in a few ideas of her own as well as take direction. A combination of both just makes for a great photo session.

But again, isn't she just lovely?

I must say that I just loved how Lexi was willing to take a plunge into that beautiful creek to get that perfect shot! Now I'm remembering how warm and lovely that golden hour photo shoot was. Could summer come just a little faster...please?

I know I keep saying this on the end of my blog posts, but I'm starting to get really excited about Blue Angelique Photography's little contest that is scheduled to happen in March! I'm getting just a little bit giddy about choosing my favorite image from each of my sessions from 2020. I really can't wait to see who will win a photo canvas from their session!

Which image would you pick from this session?

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