E & C-Sisters-Golden Hour Family Photos-Wales-Waukesha-Wisconsin

So these two were there when my photography journey started. Ok, not at the beginning-beginning. That was 20+ years ago when photography was still accomplished using film and a darkroom. These ladies were present at the resurgence...every baby step and leap.

I actually wish the 'resurgence' happened even earlier but I'm glad it happened. If I had just picked up my first dslr when E was a baby, where would have the journey taken me? Hindsight is always 20/20 right?

I'm getting a little sentimental now though. I got my first dslr at the tail end of 2016. C was so little and E not much bigger. These photos were taken just a few weeks ago and I feel like I can see both of them getting bigger every single day.

They both don't even react anymore when Mom picks up the camera. More likely they groan. It makes my Momma heart sing. (I speak fluently in sarcasm, btw.)

These two, they continue to help me thrive as a photographer. They are patient and complain little, especially when bribes are included. (I can say that, right? I'm the Mom! Lol!)

But seriously, they really are the sweetest models.

Again, I'm getting sentimental. I pray a thankful prayer everyday for these two.

Happy Birthday my dear E. You are wonderful.

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