Doebert-Fischer- 10th Anniversary Family Photos-Frame Park-Waukesha-Wisconsin

So this happened.....

And when I say this, I am talking about this amazing family and their 2 little ones! These kiddos..are so amazingly cute and sweet and funny (yeah, I keep saying amazing!) that when their sweet little girl asked me at the end of the shoot, "Noelle, when are you coming over for a playdate?" I almost looked at Mom and said, "Yeah, when am I bringing my girls over?" But, unfortunately I had be professional..... :(

I may be rethinking that answer and I may just have to message their Momma!

But I digress, it was wonderful to take this couple's photos! They were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary and had planned a party to celebrate. But it's 2020.....

We all unfortunately know what that means...Covid-19. So they cancelled their party.

So instead of a party they got dressed up and called me! I got to spend a beautiful evening taking their photos in downtown Waukesha!

Some of these are definitely gonna go up in my new photography studio space in Waukesha!

Just a quick shout out again to this amazing family and choosing Blue Angelique Photography to capture your memories!

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