Covid Grad Portrait-Logan-Roseglen Elementary-Fox River Park-Waukesha

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

What a handsome and sweet young man! His wonderful Mom contacted me to have some end-of-5th- grade-going-into-middle-school portraits done. He was a complete professional!

Can you tell from that smile that the mosquitos were awful? Nope! Like I said, a complete professional!

He took direction well and rocked his portrait session! I even managed to get in a few Awful Mom jokes! "What did the dinosaur say when he farted?"

"Well dang, that was a blast from the past!"

Believe me, he tried hard not to laugh! Bahahaha!

But seriously, what a sweetheart! His parents are pretty great too! He's gonna be an amazing 6th grader! Go get em' Logan!!!

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