Cake Smash - First Birthday - One year old - In Studio - Waukesha - Baby Girl - Lake Country

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

I know I've said it before but I absolutely LOVE working with and photographing kids! This little adorably sweet baby girl got to have her birthday cake smash in my newly renovated studio in Waukesha and we absolutely had the best morning!

I wish I would have been more on the up and up with these types of photoshoots with my girls when they were younger. Hind sight is always 20/20, right? It's such a fun way to commemorate a child's first birthday and let's be honest, dressing up your little and watching them eat something delicious is weirdly fun too! Kinda like when my sister gave my first daughter a lemon...weirdly funny and satisfying as we watched her expressions!

This little lady had a great time smashing her cake too! We had to warm her up a bit to the idea but once she had a nibble of my delicious baking skills she was all in. (yep, I bake and can pretty much whip up any type of cake you desire! I can even make my own fondant!)

By the way having a photography studio is so amazing! It has been so satisfying capturing memories in the middle of our Wisconsin winter! My clients have so many more options when it comes to having their photos taken and portraits! I don't have to rely on our sometimes finicky Southeastern Wisconsin weather anymore!

This little lady even got to have a tubby filled with bubbles after enjoying her cake! She had a great time! Not sure about my studio floors though! LOL! But at least they got cleaned?

Could she be any cuter?

O.K. enough from me. I will let you take in this lil' honey here!

Oops, ONE last thing. As a THANK YOU to all my family and portrait clients from 2020, I will running a sweet contest in March! I will be picking one favorite image from each session and sharing them on Facebook. The photo with the most shares, likes and comments will get themselves a sweet Canvas from their session with Blue Angelique Photography!

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