Biele Grandparents and Grandkids-Family Portraits-Waukesha Wisconsin-My Backyard

So I always have a list. In my head, on paper, there is always a list somewhere of something to do. One of my lists this summer includes a photoshoot bucket list. On that list includes my family (omg, I will have to fancy myself up-my hubby will be SO happy! Ha!) my besties family (gonna get them to the sunflowers!) and my In-laws with our girls.

So I guess I can check at least one of these off the bucket list! I have the most wonderful in-laws! Like, seriously not to gush or anything but God double blessed me with amazing parents and amazing in-laws!

Isn't everyone cute together? I corralled our girls (they may have a touch of photographer's child syndrome) and Grandma and Grandpa in the backyard and snapped a few photos! Easy Peasy!

The girls were happy to play with Grandma and Grandpa and may have even put a spell on Grandma! But let's be honest, she's always been under their spell!

After a few action shots, I made a few cheesy mom jokes and got everyone to smile a bit. O.k. they may have been laughing at how awful my jokes were. I'm all right with that. I'm also good at fart jokes. I have a certain age demographic I'm working with at home and let's be honest...boys-men, they all like a good fart joke! My husband is the king of those, so I guess I've been taught by the best!

I'm gonna end with this one. She's just such a sweetie in this photo. Awe...

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