Beautiful Lily-Senior Photos-Nashotah-Delafield-Wisconsin-Cushing Memorial Park-Ice Age Trail

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

This young lady wasn't too sure about Senior photos. It was 2020, and I don't think many seniors were too excited for their final year - with Covid and all. Gosh my heart breaks for them and everything last year entailed.

But these amazing students have persevered! Can you believe that this amazing girl didn't necessarily want her senior photos taken? I mean, she is gorgeous right? She reached out to me after I did a friend's photos that she absolutely loved. When we finally Face Timed for her consultation not only was she sweet and lovely to speak to but she really knew what she wanted.

She wanted a session that was short and to the point as well as one that would let her be who she is. No fake stuff here! We talked about location options in the area and what she wanted in her background. She wanted her outfits to be both cute and comfortable (and warm-it was November!) and that wouldn't be overwhelming. She also mentioned that she loved 'golden tones.' I could accommodate that in a few edits, right?

I'm pretty sure we checked all the boxes and WOW was it a wonderful and pleasant session! But, it was cold! Not the winter cold that we see in January but the kind of cold the fogs up my camera lens and makes this photographer want to move to Florida and not live in Waukesha!

After we warmed up a bit...ok, maybe we acclimated? Then Lily and I started talking and was telling me about her thoughts on going to school abroad. Definitely warmer locales than where we were photographing her! She has so many wonderful opportunities in front of her! It was so exciting listening to her and doing a little remembering of my own!

If her senior session is any indication of her senior year she is seriously gonna rock it!

She took direction well, listened if I had suggestions and through in a few of her own ideas for posing in her photos! She was a great student. Her teachers must just adore her in class. I know I would!

By the end of the session, I barely had to even give her a prompt! She was already modeling like a champ!

Can I also say something about her hat? I know that sounds weird, but I love it when seniors or family bring props to their photography sessions. Even something as simple as a hat can completely change the feel and look of photos. When I consult with clients, that's one of my big topics that I always try to hit on!

I have to say she rocked this hat! She's already adorable but I dream of looking this good in a hat!

I also have to mention that Lily's choice of location was also perfect for her. I often ask seniors about the look that they want in their photos. Some want an urban location or nature however, some are more specific asking for pine trees or water. Lily let me know exactly what she wanted and I worked hard to find it for her.

Congrats to this Senior! I hope all your dreams come true! You deserve it!

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