Autumn - Fall Colors - Family Photography - Minooka Park - Waukesha - Wisconsin - Baby

Here we are in the middle of winter and I am posting fall photos. What can I say? I'm a little behind. Here's to hoping that the bright colors and happy smiles of this lovely little family photo session will warm up your day.

I know it's brightening up my thoughts by just looking at all the bright orange, yellow and red leaves and remembering that pretty day. This sweet Mama is one of the amazing teachers that works at my daughters' school in Waukesha. I was pretty excited to meet her little girl and hubby at the shoot. Sarah is one of those teachers that you just hope that your children will have as a teacher one day.

One of my most favorite things about portrait and family photography is when I get to meet families that just vibe together. The love and happiness can be just tangible. Sarah's family is one of those. It's probably why her students just LOVE her, she exudes love and caring.

You can tell that her hubby and her daughter feel the same way! This family barely needed any prompts! They just were so happy to be spending the morning together giggling and playing and I got to just click away!

And their little girl? She was so much fun! I love working with and photographing kiddos. It helps to have no shame and be willing to completely be a goof. I definitely have those qualities and she was willing to smile for me in spades!

We also got to photograph in one of my most favorite parks in Waukesha County. Minooka park is beautiful anytime of the year but really shined last fall. The colors were amazing.

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