5 Fun Photography Facts that I will BET you didn't know!

Hello February! I am super excited to touch base with everyone! February is here and you know what that means right? It means January is OVER!

Now I'm sure January is great for some of you. I mean, on the other side of the world it's summer, some of my favorite people have birthdays during January, sometimes snow can be fun...maybe?

BUT for me the cold and negative temperatures of Wisconsin can stuff it. I've really been trying to be better about it, but I honestly struggle with the first month of the year and I am yippee skippy happy to have that out of the way!

So with that said, I am moving on with a bit of fun in this February blog post! I had to utilize my google sleuthing skills and I think I have put together a few fun facts about photography that maybe you didn't know...well maybe you did, who knows? It's all in good fun!

  1. The first photo of a person in a photo was accidental!

It happened in 1828 and was taken by Louis Daguerre. His original intention was to take a photo of a Boulevard in Paris. Guess his photograph captured a bit more. Apparently the gentleman is having his shoes shined?

My question is where are all the other people?

2. How many Photographs are taken every day?

So, I researched this question and the statistics from 2017 are below. I found that the more current data is even more overwhelming---it was using the word trillion so I backed up a bit to let my old brain have a chance to comprehend. So prepare to be cross-eyed if you google this yourself. Yikes!

3. The Most Popular Subjects in Photography in the 1800's weren't alive.

O.k. I've read about this and it kinda makes sense. Photography was a new media where you could take a snapshot of time and freeze it, before that you would have to be quite wealthy and have a painter come and paint a portrait. However, I'm still a little freaked out by this. Back in the day, hygiene still wasn't great, antibiotics hadn't been discovered yet so adults and children died early. The photo below is one that I really had to look for, most of the ones on google were of children.

4. If you want to look good, use the LEFT side of your face.

Apparently, this side of our faces always photographs better than the right side. Sounds weird right? In a study that was conducted at Wake Forest University they proved that the left side of the face showed a greater intensity of emotion and as humans we like that and perceive it as more attractive.

This fact I found quite crazy so I looked through a bunch of my photos. At least 65% of the facial portraits are of the left side of faces. I dunno....that's interesting.

5. You can Develop Black & White Photographic Negatives in Coffee and Vitamin C?

This one is so weird but true. It's called Caffenol and I even watched a short video on how to do it. Now mind you, I won't ever try it. My days of developing negatives ended when I received my Fine Arts degree in in 2002 (nothing like spending a Saturday night living it up in a darkroom on campus.)

I live for digital! However, it's nice to know that if I'm ever in a bind and need to develop photos in a rush, I can. I just need coffee, vitamin C and washing soda. Which of course I always have handy, I'm sure you do too!

Well, there you have it. An easy read that hopefully made you forget about all the snow outside.


~Noelle Angelique


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